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December 24th, 2013

Lies To Die For by Todd M. Thiede
Max Larkin Detective Series Book 2

“A bloody tale about a serial killer obsessed with lies.”Lies To Die For Cover

In Thiede’s follow-up to Time Killer (2013), Max Larkin is back solving crimes. A few weeks after the brutal slayings that took place in the previous novel, Detective Larkin and his partner, Jesse Fairlane, are assigned to a grizzly case involving the double homicide of a professor and his much younger girlfriend. As in Thiede’s previous novel, a pattern emerges, and the detectives soon realize they’re looking at the handiwork of another serial killer. Max and Jessie will instantly feel familiar to readers who’ve read the first entry in the series, but despite that instant recognition, the characters don’t develop as richly this time around. While the two heroes experience some growing pains in their partnership—which has only lasted two months, since this novel is set back-to-back with the previous novel—too much time is spent on the procedural elements of the story, and much of the chemistry that was so palpable in their first outing is missing here. Still, both characters remain likable, and while the bloody trail leads the duo down some dark paths, readers will find themselves guessing at every turn. Interestingly, as the threads of the case begin to come together, readers may actually become more invested in the killer’s arc rather than the growing relationship between leads Max and Jessie. As with Thiede’s previous work, readers can expect plenty of black humor and gruesome murder scenes. Although the action ends rather abruptly, the stage is set for more sleuthing.

Thiede’s flair for procedurals returns, but the lead characters lack the charisma and chemistry they displayed in their initial outing.


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February 22, 2013

Time Killer by Todd M. Thiede

“A fast-paced thriller centered on a brutal, time-obsessed serial killer.”Time Killer Book Cover

The expression “killing time” rarely means murder, but here, the victims of a serial killer must pay for time they’ve wasted, often with both their money and their lives. In a brutal scene from the opening chapter, an entire family is murdered after a stranger invades the family’s home and accuses the patriarch of wasting his time. Veteran cop Max Larkin is on the case. Unfortunately, he’s also been assigned a new partner; though she’s green in the field—she has “very sad eyes” and prays upon arriving at the first crime scene—she gives the hardened old detective a new perspective he never knew he needed.

But as the serial killer claims more victims, a pattern emerges that neither Max nor his new partner can ignore. With brisk pacing, Thiede’s debut brims with action, violence and, occasionally, emotion. Though the book takes a while to find its heart, procedural fans will feel right at home. Larkin feels like a guy worth rooting for, despite filling the shoes of the beaten-down, grizzled, old loner cop trope a little too well. His interactions with his new partner, plus the twists and revelations regarding his past, give him enough of a pass to get readers invested in the story and looking forward to his next outing. Larkin’s story doesn’t break any boundaries, but it’ll keep crime and thriller fans wrapped up in its twisting plot, fast pace and memorable detective.

Plenty of shock value and a charismatic, if formulaic, male lead.”

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